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What Has Been Your Favorite Christmas Gift of All Time?

That is the question I ask often. Whether it’s on a date or at work, I ask this question to the person I want to get to know better. Oddly enough, I get a better idea of who the person is. In that one question, I start to know a bit about their interests, taste, style, and which person/people gave him or her the gift. Additionally, it’s a question that isn’t intimidating at all, so I feel like when the answer is given, it’s completely genuine. Since I did ask the question, I thought it would only be appropriate if I answered it for you guys. Maybe you’ll get to know me better.

I was ten years old and probably the cutest, most chubby and excited kid on Christmas morning. I got up pretty early because of the obvious: presents that have been taunting me for weeks would finally be opened. Once my sister and my parents got up, we started the gift giving process in the living room. Fast forward to a few presents later, my mom passes me the iconic Build-A-Bear Workshop blue and white carrier/house box. I opened the sides of the box to reveal the most cuddly, adorable, black and white penguin. She had blue eyes, yellow beak and feet, a red bow in her few strands of hair fuzz on the top of her head, christmas pajamas, and slippers. At the bottom of the box, there was her “birth certificate” and it read, “Penelope Martinez”. I didn’t choose the name, but when I looked at her, it was perfect. The gift was perfect! It was the gift I dreamt about and wanted the most. That moment was pure bliss and unforgettable and I owe it to my mom for always making my Christmases the best.

You’re probably wondering if I still have Penelope around the house. Sadly, I don’t. I thought keeping Penelope safe in a box with my other keepsakes in my basement was the best idea. About seven to eight years ago, she was damaged in a flood. *insert broken heart and teddy bear tears

Looking back, it’s was pretty awesome to have that one toy you connect with. It really makes childhood memories easier to remember, besides having photographs and home videos on VHS (the millennial fossil).

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and feel free to comment your favorite Christmas gift(s). How fun would that be?!

Until next time,




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